Our data goes back to November 2016, when Chartmetric first launched. We automatically add new artists as we spot them on charts or playlists. 

Social media URLs are automatically fetched by our system. If a URL has not been fetched, social media data will begin tracking once someone has clicked 'Edit' at the top of an artist page and added all relevant social media URL's.

Tracks are automatically recognized in playlists that are monitored by Chartmetric, as a result they are automatically added into Chartmetric.

If you find that we are not showing data for a track or streaming service for an artist, you can click the + icon to add data into Chartmetric. Simply paste the URL from the streaming platform (e.g. Spotify) and we will begin tracking.

If we aren't already tracking specific data, we cannot go back in time. Once you have added the URL's following the steps above we will begin tracking moving forward.

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