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My New Song/Album Release Is Not Showing in Chartmetric yet?
My New Song/Album Release Is Not Showing in Chartmetric yet?

If you have a new song or album release that you want to make sure is showing in Chartmetric, here is how to update and add it instantly.

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We are constantly scanning for new songs or artists when we find them on one of the playlists or charts we are tracking. We also add new releases from Spotify every Friday. We are tracking more than 1 million playlists, and also all the viral charts by country on Spotify, so we have a pretty good chance that we will find a trending track or artist without a delay.

If you want to add a song or album for tracking follow these steps.

  1. In Spotify, copy the song or album URL/URI.

  2. Paste it into the search bar in Chartmetric.

  3. If the result doesn't load automatically, delete the text and paste in the search bar again.

  4. Your song/album will now show as the only search result.

  5. Click on the search result to go directly to that page in Chartmetric.

Bonus tip: If your song hasn't been added to a playlist yet, you can create your own 'originals' playlist and add all past and future song releases. Then copy and paste the link to the playlist, the same way as you have done above. This will ensure that your playlist is being scanned by Chartmetric and your song is being tracked from the release day.

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