Do you track Radio plays?

Chartmetric can show you when and where your song is played on radio. One spin can reach an audience of thousands of listeners.

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Chartmetric provides data from over 2,300 global radio stations. A list of all stations we currently track can be viewed here (you must be logged in to Chartmetric to follow this link).

We carefully selected these stations based on customer feedback and extensive researches. Read more about our methodology from our blog - part 1 and part 2.

Data breakdown for radio plays (defaults to last 28 days)

AQH (average quarter-hour persons): The amount of unique listeners in a 15-minute period listening for >5 minutes.

TOTAL STATIONS: Total number of radio stations that have played a song from the artist.

CITY SPINS: Total number of songs played on that radio station (not specific to the artist).

ARTIST SPINS: Total number of songs played from the artist.

MARKET SHARE: % of total spins that the artist received. Example, if a radio station played 1,000 songs in the specified time frame and 100 belonged to the artist, 10% of market share was achieved in that time.

We update this data weekly, on Tuesday evenings (EST). Data comes from ACRcloud.

To see the exact time your song was played on air, click anywhere on the rows where airplay is listed (pictured below)

The STATION CODE is blue, you can click that station code to find more information about the Radio Station, you will also find also social media links for some of these stations.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out through the chat button below, you can also reach us at [email protected]

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