The Artist biography (about this Artist) is pulled directly from the Artists Spotify page.

Please update this on Spotify and we will then display it on Chartmetric.

The following details are pulled directly from an Artists Facebook page into the Chartmetric Artist page.

Booking Agent
General Manager
Press Contact
Contact Email (this is taken from the Press Contact section)

Record Label

To correct these, you'll need access to the artists official Facebook page. Update the 'About' section of your Facebook page.

If you have updated the information in the Facebook page, you should also click "Update Links" at the top of the artist page in Chartmetric to make sure it is linked to the corrected Facebook page.

Once Facebook page details have been updated and you have confirmed you have the correct Facebook page URL linked in Chartmetric you can click "refresh data". Once clicked, wait up to 30 seconds. The page will automatically refresh and repopulate with the latest data.

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