The Chartmetric Artist Score measures reflect an artist's overall performance across multiple platforms relative to the performance of all artists in the music industry (4.5 million at the time of writing).

The platforms included are:

Artists are first scored on two primary aspects:

  1. Engagement: A measure of an artist's overall active reach with audiences. Every time a user views, listens, or consumes an artist's creations it contributes to that artist's overall stage or reach.

  2. Followers: A measure of an artist's total fanbase. When users follow, like, or subscribe to an artist then that user is easier for that artist to connect with in the future. This measures the number of users that have opted-in to following an artist, even if those users are not actively engaging with the artist in this moment.

Each day and for each artist, we calculate a weighted average of Stage and Follower scores that heavily prioritizes Stage in order to arrive at an initial Chartmetric Artist Score.

To the initial Chartmetric Artist Score we include a number of small bonuses and penalties. For example, having a presence on numerous platforms will give an artist a small bonus, regardless of their success on each platform.

After accounting for potential bonuses and penalties, we arrive at a final “Chartmetric Artist Score” for each artist in our database. Every day, we order artists by this score and record the scores and ranks for the top 100,000 artists.

You can read more in the original announcement about Chartmetric Artist Scores and ranks here.

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