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The genre is wrong or missing
The genre is wrong or missing

Looking to update the genre on your artist page?

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Genre information shown on artist pages comes from EveryNoise., MusicBrainz or Spotify directly. These genres are only displayed within Chartmetric, we don't assign these and are simply mirroring the genre data from these sites.

If you have concerns your genres are wrong you will need to contact your label, distributor or try contacting through these websites.

If you are seeing no genre information on an artist page it could be due to the following:

  • Artist is new and has not been assigned any genre tags yet.

  • Music from the artist was not submitted through Spotify for Artists, meaning no genre tags were added to the song.

By special request, the Chartmetric team can add genres to an artist page manually. Please note that this does not reflect on any streaming platform and just displays those genres within Chartmetric. This is useful for our A&R tool specifically when focusing on artists within a certain genre.

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