Chartmetric tracks TV and Film data, Netflix too! We track song placements and even guest performances and interviews on TV.

Music used in Films and TV data is provided by - make sure to claim a profile there and check all data is accurate on Tunefind as we mirror that on Chartmetric.

Live performances, guest appearances and interview data is provided by - also make sure to claim your profile on TVmaze as Chartmetric mirrors this data.

To add these two links to your artist page for tracking please do the following.

Create an artist page on Tunefind - it will look like this

Create an artist page on TVmaze - it will look like this

Send a link to your artist profile on Tunefind and TVmaze via our chat. We will also need a link to your Chartmetric artist page. Please allow up to 48 hours for the linking to be complete.

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