Do you track Pandora?

Yes, Chartmetric does track Pandora. Here's how to see Artist Station Adds, Monthly Listeners and Streams for Pandora

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Pandora data is now available on Chartmetric!

Currently we show Artist Station Adds, Monthly Listeners and Streams for Pandora. We match this data using the ISRC attached to every song.

To make sure your music is available on Pandora you should speak directly with your distributor or record label.

Artists and labels can sign up for Pandora's Artist Marketing Platform at to get access to a handful of tools that will allow them to promote their music and reach a wider audience through voice messages, hosted stations, playlists and much more.

Pandora has an extensive help center and support from their team. Learn more about Pandora at

Even if Pandora isn't available to listen to in your country, you can still monitor listeners, stations and streams through Chartmetric.

Don't see Pandora data on an Artist page in Chartmetric?

Click Chart Configuration in the Fan Metrics section on an artist page.

Make sure that Number of Charts is set the the maximum and then select a space for the Pandora data you want to see by clicking the dropdown button in any of these boxes. Click Apply when done.

If you know that your music is available to stream within Pandora and still don't see Pandora data on artist pages in Chartmetric, please leave a message for us using the chat icon in the bottom right corner. Include links to your artist page in Chartmetric and links to your music in Pandora if available.

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