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What's the difference between listeners and streams? What metric is the best measure of a fandom?

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Consumption: one listener can stream a song a million times, but a million listeners can also stream a song once. The consumption here is the same - both total one million streams. An example metric would be streams.

Reach: the difference between one listener streaming one song a million times and a million listeners streaming a song once is in the number of people the song is reaching (i.e. 1 vs 1M listeners). An example metric would be monthly listeners.

Fandom: usually composed of an artist's most loyal audience, these are the fans who have been following an artist for the long term. An example metric would be followers.

Engagement: how closely an audience interacts with an artist, this encompasses an artist's current relevance and the direct activity they have with their fans. An example metric would be likes.

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