When Do Our Charts Update

Deezer, Shazam, TikTok, Chartmetric Score, Soundcloud, YouTube chart refresh times can be found in this article

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Here is the refresh schedule for our charts (below estimates are when our refreshes trigger, and length of time to complete may vary day by day and chart by chart; also it's infrequent but our schedule may occasionally change):

Deezer: at least once daily between approximately 4:00 UTC

Shazam: at least once daily at approximately 5:00 UTC

Shazam Cities: at least once daily at approximately 1:30 UTC

Chartmetric Score: daily at approximately 6:00 UTC

TikTok: daily charts update daily at approximately 0:00 UTC; weekly charts update every Mon at approximately 10:00 UTC

Soundcloud: daily at approximately 19:00 UTC

Youtube: depends on the chart, but some daily at approximately 0:30 UTC or 4:30 UTC, some every Sun at approximately 8:00 UTC

iTunes: at least once daily at approximately 14:00 UTC or 17:00 UTC

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