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Step Two - What does Chartmetric do
Step Two - What does Chartmetric do

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People who work in the music industry have always used data. Long before streaming services or social networks existed, we were using data to discover what was happening in the marketplace and to help us predict future trends. Back then, we didn’t think of the information we used as data – it was just knowledge. And smart people in the industry had a lot of that knowledge stored in their heads and used it subconsciously to help them make better decisions.

But in the past, there wasn’t much data. Before the year 2000, the average music consumer only created data when they purchased something, such as CDs or concert tickets - so just two data points per person per year. That data was used to compile the charts, and along with other sources of knowledge such as tour schedules and radio airplay listings, it was absorbed by people in the industry.

Obviously, there is a lot more data today … and a lot more consumers creating data in a lot more countries. On average, a music consumer today creates 20,000 data points per year, across dozens of services and socials. And whereas most artists in the past needed a deal before they could release recordings, today anyone can self-release music globally within 24 hours. So not only is there a lot more data being created, but it relates to a lot more artists.

That’s where Chartmetric comes in – we do the market analytics. We ingest billions of data points from dozens of services, integrating them and providing structure and unique tools so that our users can instantly get a clearer picture of what is happening at every level in the marketplace.

And the insight our users get from Chartmetric helps them make better decisions, whether they are an artist, manager, industry exec or even work outside the music industry.

Use Chartmetric for …

A&R and talent search

Be the first to discover new talent and tracks – use cross-platform insight and tools to identify the artists who are building true engagement with audiences or at are the cutting edge of new genres and trends


Access incredible audience insight for any artist, including demographic and geographic data – improve targeting and maximize the impact of your content and campaigns for recordings or live events

Artist and commercial development

Discover where you need to be, to get where you want to be - optimise your pitching to playlists, channels and media and identify the most relevant influencers to help you improve algorithm reach and secure greater editorial opportunities


Capitalize on the growth of streaming and socials around the word – access global insight to enhance your A&R and marketing strategies and build audiences in the fastest growing regions

Brand partnerships

Identify the brand affinities and wider interests of audiences for any artist – build meaningful collaborations between brands and artists that delivering mutual benefits and deepen audience engagement

Talent management

Get all the data and insight you need on your artists in a single dashboard - be more responsive to new opportunities whilst saving valuable time


Discover the most relevant songs and artists for any content or campaign – use audience insight to improve the impact and reach that you choices can have

Catalog management

Explore longterm trends and the longevity and strength of audience engagement to add extra context to investment and distribution decision-making. And ensure that you’re among the first to know about new social trends for catalog tracks

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