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Step Six - Artist Pages and Socials
Step Six - Artist Pages and Socials
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Artist Overview

Every time you click on an artist’s name on Chartmetric, you will be redirected to the artists’ page. The artists’ overview is what you see first.

The artist overview page is meant to give you a clear understanding of who the artist is. From this page, you can see the artists; Names, Country, Identities, Genres, Contact information, Bio, and the artists’ data sources.

Social & Streaming Stats

Just below the artists’ overview section is the Social & Streaming Stats. This is where you can see the changes to your followed accounts, subscribers, and several other metrics. By default, we have 30 charts to assist you with your analysis. You can edit the charts and keep those that are important to you.

From this page, you can be able to check daily, monthly, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, or all-time changes to your followed account. There are several filters to use, such as Releases, Events, TV Appearances, Social Media Postings, New posts, and Notes.

To view this, hover your mouse over the top section of your preferred chart and click on “Click chart for details and events”.

Exporting Data from the Stats Page

You can export data from your preferred chart, by clicking on the 3 horizontal lines on your right within the chart’s presentation. This also gives you the option of selecting your preferred download format.

The other option for downloading your data is by opening the larger chart as mentioned above, filtering to your preference, and clicking on “Download”.

NB, this method allows you to filter data in detail but gives only one download format, CSV.


TikTok has proven to be a larger part of the entire music industry. At Chartmetric, we incorporated TikTok data to help With TikTok analytics.

We majorly focus on the artists’ tracks in top TikTok posts and the Top Influencers for the artists’ tracks.

Tracks in Top TikTok Posts

Here, you will see the artists’ tracks that have appeared in the top TikTok posts. You can sort them using the Track name (This will sort alphabetically), Posts created for the specific video, and Genres of the first post date.

The fun part of it is that you can play the tracks/sounds from this page without leaving Chartmetric by clicking on the play buttons available on each track.

You can also export a CSV of this data for your personal use.

Top Influencers

In this section, you will find the names of the influencers who contributed to the artists’ top track posts. If the artists are on Chartmetric, a link should be available on their respective names.

You can sort the available data in this section using, Followers, Top Track, Description, Video Views, Video Likes, Video Comments, Engaged Followers, and the Date Posted.

You can also export this data by clicking on “Export CSV”

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