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Step Seven - Artist Audience Analytics
Step Seven - Artist Audience Analytics
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Looking at your audience data can determine where your listeners are and could help with planning a tour or directing social media posts and advertisements toward those in specific locations.

You can find this on any artist page by going to the Audience section.

Spotify top Cities by Monthly Listeners

A Monthly Listener is an individual that has listen to at least one song from the artist in the last month.

Monthly YouTube Video Views by Location

Here you can see how many people have viewed a song from the artist on YouTube. This can be sorted by cities or countries.

Audience Demographics

For TikTok, Instagram and YouTube you can see the Gender, Age, Spoken Languages and Ethnicity to gain a stronger understanding of who is following the artist on that social media profile.

Instagram Brand Affinity, Audience Interests and Notable Followers

Brand affinity and Audience Interests are discovered by analyzing the captions, @mentions, #hashtags and location that are used in posts by Artist (Artist Brand Affinity) or their followers (Audience Brand Affinity). More information on this here.

Notable Followers looks at users that follow the artist and shows that have the largest followings themselves.

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