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Step Eight - Artist Page Playlists and Artist Radio Airplay
Step Eight - Artist Page Playlists and Artist Radio Airplay
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Playlists and Radio Stations are two sections that can show where an artists music is receiving placements and finding new fans. Lets' take a quick look at these. Both of these sections can be found on an artist page.


We show current playlists the artist is on and also playlists that have previously included music from the artist. Currently we have playlist data for Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer and YouTube.

We also show the playlist evolution. This helps to identify if the artist has been added to more playlists over time. You can also toggle on or off things you would like to see in the graph such as Editorial playlist Count and Editorial Playlist Total Reach (toggled off in the screenshot below).


Chartmetric provides data from over 2,300 global radio stations. A list of all stations we currently track can be viewed here (you must be logged in to Chartmetric to follow this link).

Let's look at the Radio data for an artist.

Summary shows how many spins the artist has had by cities, countries, and stations. By default this shows the last 28 days from all of the radio stations we monitor.

Top Tracks by Plays shows you the songs that I've had the most place across radio stations we monitor.

Total Plays by allows you to customize this as a graph. You can show Total Play by Tracks, Stations, Countries or Cities.

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