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Step Nine - Track Pages
Step Nine - Track Pages
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Track pages show details relating to an individual track and the performance across playlists, Radio, Charts, TikTok, as well as sync/appearances in Film and TV Shows.

Stats - in this section we show daily counts and changes for Pandora Streams, Pandora Track Stations, Spotify Streams, Spotify Popularity, YouTube Views, Genius Page Views, Shazam Counts, TikTok Posts and more. You can customize the date range in this view and also click the three lines (hamburger icon) next to the graph to save it as an image or CSV (spreadsheet) file.

TikTok - here we show a summary of the top posts that have generated the highest amount of likes comments and/or views including the track. This is particularly helpful for identifying potential influencers that are driving a high number of views to the video featuring the track.

Playlists, Airplay, TV and Charts - these are the same layout that you would see on an artist page but only showing playlists that have placed the track.

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