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Step Eleven - Playlist Pages and Playlist Journeys
Step Eleven - Playlist Pages and Playlist Journeys
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The Playlists list page allows you to see all of the 11 million + Spotify playlists we currently monitor. We also show the full list of playlists for YouTube, Apple Music, Deezer and Amazon.

In the drop-down menus you have the following options to filter through the list.

Country = select the country the playlist is based on or curator is based in
Genre = playlists mostly focused around a specific genre

Sub Genre = unique sub genres to get even more specific

Curator = to see all playlists from a specific curator

Following = to show playlists with a specific number of followers
Genre/Mood = to show playlists for Spotify specific genres or moods

Frontline/Catalog see if playlists feature more frontline (release in last 18 months), catalog (older than 18 months) or a mix of both

* Please note that all filters mentioned above are available for Spotify playlists but won't be available for all platforms.

Playlist Journeys

This feature can be found on a playlist page and shows multiple tracks that are on that playlist and playlists they were on prior to this. This can be helpful to predict which playlists may be a "feeder" into this playlist.

A very detailed breakdown into Playlist Journeys and how they are calculated can be found here.

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