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Step Twelve - Brands Page
Step Twelve - Brands Page
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The Brand Page allows you to search on any major brand and see what artists most align with that brand.

Choose between 28 brand categories:

Up to 1,000 artists are aligned with a given brand based on the following criteria:

Brand Follower Overlap - Brand overlap is defined as the number/% of an artist's users that also show interest (i.e. follow, mention, # or location) in a particular brand. Use this to determine and audiences's affinity towards a brand.

Brand affinity Ratio - Fan's affinity towards the brand. The affinity of a brand is a measure of how much this artist's audience is interested in the brand, as compared to the average artist's audience. E.g. 2.0X affinity score means that followers of this artist are twice as interested in the brand as the average artist's audience.

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