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Step Fifteen - Reports
Step Fifteen - Reports
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Generating a report as a PDF, or CSV is easy. Here's how to generate one for artists, tracks or albums.

Firstly, make sure you have gone to an artist, track, or album page and clicked "follow".

Next, navigate to the "report" tab.

On this screen, check the box next to the artists you would like included in the report. You can also click "toggle all" to select all artists instantly.

You can choose a custom reporting period if you only want to see what's happened within the last 12 weeks with the artists (as an example).

You can uncheck social, playlist or chart if you don't want to see this data in the report.

Next, click "generate report" and wait for it to populate (can take a few minutes if a lot of artists checked). Once generated you can click "PDF export" or "export CSV" to save a copy of the report.

Alternatively. You can follow the above steps and click Email Report. We will generate the email report and send you the PDF's directly once created (usually they will arrive in your inbox within minutes).

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