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Logging Into Onesheet
Logging Into Onesheet

Curious about how to access your Onesheet account? Here's how.

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Welcome to Onesheet! Whether you're a long-time user or considering joining our community, this guide will assist you with all you need to know about logging into Onesheet.

For Existing Chartmetric Users

Onesheet has streamlined its login process for users who are also registered with Chartmetric using the same email address. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Unified Login: If your Onesheet and Chartmetric accounts share the same email address, you will now log in to Onesheet using your Chartmetric password. This unified approach means one less password to remember and a smoother transition between both platforms.

  • If you have access to Chartmetric, but not Onesheet: You can now use your Chartmetric credentials to sign in to Onesheet, without needing to create a separate account.

How to Log In:

  • Visit Onesheet: Go to the Onesheet login page.

  • Enter Your Email: Use the email address that you've registered with both Onesheet and Chartmetric.

  • Use Your Chartmetric Password: Instead of your old Onesheet password, enter your Chartmetric password.

  • Access Granted: You're in! Start exploring, creating, and managing your Onesheets with ease.

For New or Existing Users Without Chartmetric

If you've never signed up for Chartmetric or if your Onesheet account uses a different email address, your login process remains the same. And if you're curious about Chartmetric and the benefits it offers, here’s a little incentive:

  • Why Chartmetric?: Chartmetric offers robust analytics and insights for music professionals. If you haven't signed up yet, we encourage you to explore how Chartmetric can enhance your Onesheet experience.

  • 7-Days Free Premium Access: Onesheet users who are new to Chartmetric are eligible for a 7-day free trial of premium access. Take advantage of comprehensive music analytics, trend tracking, and more.

  • Visit Chartmetric: Go to the Chartmetric sign-up page.

  • Register: Use your Onesheet email address for a streamlined experience, or any email if you prefer.

  • Explore Chartmetric: Enjoy your 7-day free premium access and discover the synergy between Chartmetric and Onesheet.

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