Yes, there is a follow limit of 5 artists, tracks, albums, curators, or playlists per free account or artist plan (following an artist is separate to subscribing to an artist). The limit increases to 50 as you upgrade to our Premium plan.

The premium plan allows you to follow up to 50 of each, meaning you could follow 50 artists and 50 playlists and 50 tracks and 50 curators and 50 albums.

Looking to follow more than 50 of each? Here's three options:

Option one is to unfollow some tracks, albums, artists, curators, playlists so that you can follow some new ones in place of them. There is no limit to how often you can unfollow and follow other pages.

Option two is to bookmark pages in your web browser, you can view any page in Chartmetric at any time (without following it).

Option three is our premium plus offering which allows you to follow up to 200 of each (200 tracks, and 200 artists and 200 albums). The Premium Plus plan is only available by reaching out to us directly ([email protected]) or via the chat icon when signed in to our app.

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