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Can I add TikTok Sounds for tracking?
Can I add TikTok Sounds for tracking?

Music and original audio or songs used in TikTok videos are referred to as sounds. Here's how to add a link to a track page.

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Are we missing a link to a TikTok sound or song? Simply click on 'update links' on the track page to add the TikTok link, then we will begin tracking it from that day onwards.

Add the TikTok link in the format pictured below.

When there are multiple versions - you can choose the stats in a dropdown on the track page.

Can't find the link to your "sound" on TikTok? One method is go into Google and type "tiktok *artist name* *song title* to find the links. TikTok sound links look like this:

More about TikTok on Chartmetric

Free Chartmetric users can see a summary of up to five tracks on artists' pages, and premium users can see them all, along with the 28-day trends. Click on the 'external link' icon next to the track name, to see those fun videos created with the track.

We've been tracking trending sounds on TikTok since July 2019.

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