If you created a new account with us using your Facebook, Google, or Apple login credentials this may help you.

Even though you have an email address attached to these accounts we do not always get the email address delivered to us. This means that the only way you can login is by signing in with that service you created the account with. If you created an account using your Google details then you need to sign in with your Google details, the same applies with Facebook or Apple.

If you are planning to remove the login attached to your Facebook, Google, or Apple login credentials you need to reach out to our team and let us know how you signed up and the email address attached to your account so that we can remove that login and create a new login for you with an email address and password.

Please note that if you created an account using Apple credentials and hid your email from us we have no way of knowing how to contact you. So if you are contacting us through the online chat please give us an email address where we can reach you so that we can follow this up.

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