March 2022 updated! We now have a new Brands page which allows you to go directly to a brand (e.g. Starbucks) and see which musicians are most associated with your brand. You can find this by going to the Brands page in the top menu or by clicking here.

If you are looking to find brand affinity for an artist and their audience please read below.

When looking at the Audience section on an artist page, go to Instagram and you will see that we show Audience Brand Affinity scores and Artist Brand Affinity.

Brand affinity is discovered by analyzing the captions, @mentions, #hashtags and location that are used in posts by Artist (Artist Brand Affinity) or their followers (Audience Brand Affinity). We get the ‘average value’ from artists that have at least 100,000 followers.

For the Audience Brand Affinity, the weight of a brand is measured as a percentage of the audience showing interest in this particular brand. The affinity of a brand is a measure of how much this audience is interested in the brand compared to Instagram users on average.

1.0 affinity score = followers of artist are just as interested as an average user
2.0 affinity score = followers of artist are twice as interested as an average user
0.5 affinity score = followers of artist are half as interested as an average user


Olivia Rodrigo's followers are almost 2.61 times as interested in Walt Disney as Instagram users on average:

Brand affinities are categorized based on the captions, @mentions, #hashtags and location tags in the latest 150 posts; if the artist posts frequently (400 posts in a month for example) we will limit this to the past two months of posts.

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