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Can I change the artist(s) I'm subscribed to?
Can I change the artist(s) I'm subscribed to?

How can I switch the artist(s) I'm subscribed to?

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On the Artist Plan, you can subscribe to a total of 1, 2, or 3 artists. You can select which artists through you want to subscribe to through two methods:

  1. When you first create your account (at

2. Through your account settings (at, after creating your account:

Generally, on the Artist Plan, once you are subscribed to your artists, they cannot be changed. If you'd like to see data for more than 3 or all artists on the platform, please check out our Premium plan:

If you subscribed to the wrong artist(s) or have a specific reason for changing your subscribed artist(s), please contact [email protected] or send a message to the support chat located at the bottom right corner of any page.

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