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Wondering what happened to Twitch view counts?

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Twitch posted the following on their blog, explaining why they are removing Views. The below information is taken directly from the announcement from Twitch. Please reach out to the Twitch team with any questions regarding the removal of View counts.

Announcement from Twitch

We are removing channel page views (or “Views”) from Stream Manager Stats on April 14, 2022. The data tells an incomplete story which can be confusing and misleading to creators. Here’s why: your total “Views” only includes channel page loads on desktop web, and is not inclusive of mobile or other viewing surfaces - so it’s not a true representation of your live audience and engaged community.

Metrics that are more accurate indicators of your channel growth and community engagement include: average viewers, minutes watched, follows, and unique chatters. You can select these stats from the arrows in your Channel Analytics:

To learn more about the analytics that are currently available in your dashboard, visit the Channel Analytics help article. To leave feedback on analytics improvements, visit UserVoice.

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