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Chartmetric Track Score
Missing or wrong tracks from Spotify or Apple Music on Artist page?
How to Update an Artist Image
My New Song/Album Release Is Not Showing in Chartmetric yet?
Some stats on my artist are outdated. How do I get the latest data?
Do you have stream counts for Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music?
I've been added to a playlist but I don't see it in Chartmetric?
Songwriter Data is Incorrect, Can I Update it?
Missing or Hidden Data on Artist Pages
The genre is wrong or missing
Current or Past Playlists missing
Do you track Radio plays?
Add Radio Stations for Tracking
Can I backfill data on Chartmetric?
Why does a chart repeat a statistic for a few days?
Where is the estimated monthly listener count for playlists?
How far does your data go back?
How many artists is Chartmetric tracking?
Just wondering what time of day the data gets updated, or how often it does?
Do you track Shazam?
Do you track Pandora?
Do you track Tidal?